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2 person blackout pop-up tent - 2 Seconds EASY Fresh & Black

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Our designers have spent time developing this two-person tent that you can pitch in just a few minutes. It gives you guaranteed mobility.

Enjoy time-saving at its easiest: the new two-second system means it is as quick to put up as it is to fold away. After all, there are better things to do on holiday than setting up camp.

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Product Features

A photo of the 2 person blackout pop-up tent - 2 Seconds EASY Fresh & Black in use

Easy assembly / dismantling

Free-standing structure.EASY pitching & striking (exclusive patented technology)


Bedroom 145 X 205 cm. Max. headroom: 110cm. 2 shoe storage areas


Thanks to the greige & dope dyeing processes, 50% of its weight is eco-designed

Easy transport

Dimensions of the bag: 59cm x 20cm x 20cm / 18.5 L. Weight: 4.7 kg.

Heat reduction

Flysheet, mechanical air vents, Fresh & Black fabric for a good night's sleep.


FRESH & BLACK patented exterior fabric: 99% darkness even in broad daylight.

Wind resistance

Resists winds of 50km/h (Force 6): validated in wind tunnels on rotating plate.


Waterproofing (Schmerber): Flysheet > 2000 mm. Groundsheet > 5000 mm rating.

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2 person blackout pop-up tent - 2 Seconds EASY Fresh & Black
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so far, so good...

the tent looks great and after a 4 day trip it held up in moderate rain and 30mph wind perfectly, I could hear the gusts of wind but the tent didn't shake at all, very strong design, it got cold at night (4 degrees) but it was very warm and comfortable, one drawback is.....they don't supply or sell a footprint/tarp that's made to the tents size spec's, but its easy enough to cut a tarp to fit I guess.

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Very easy to put up

I love this tent, very easy to put up. It reflects the sun and has blackout material on the inside.

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ok tent ..but not as a pop up

bought this tent .as I have now been homeless for 2 year ..this tent is ok I guess .it goes up great and fold away great ..but was disappointed in winds as I thought I would not need the guide ropes ..but It does ..and as for in side really not as spacious for 1 person as I thought ..if you are going to tie it down then this is a great tent ..but as for free standing pop up tent ..don't bother I have tent I can't use, and only used it once ..

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Great idea - but underlying fault

i bought this tent for a two week trip only to realise that one of the plastic network of arms had snapped on the hinge making this tent useless for the trip - for the one night i managed to tape it up being in the middle of no where in Saudi Arabia. I subsequently took this tent back (a 2.5hr drive back to Riyadh) and replaced it with another to realize that the the arm was now popping out of the material keeping it up - again at great distance form the store. This tent is a fantastic idea and would be great if it worked and more importantly was reliable. Needless to say i took the second one back and will stick with my old decathlon tent. After my second return i also noted that Decathlon also sell the "replacement half structure kit" - what does that tell you! "REPLACEMENT HALF-STRUCTURE KIT - 2-SECOND EASY 2-PERSON TENT" Im surprised decathlon hasn't issued a recall for this yet! I usually have so much trust in all their gear but this trust is fading. The store even told me they had a few of these returned already when i was there. i really want this tent to work - if the weak points/faults are solved by decathlon id even be tempted to buy again -but not for now - thanks!

four second by yourself instatent

perfect for the motorcyclist who doesn't mind the extra few Kg for the convenience of an instant home from home fine mesh should cope with the Scottish mozzies come summer good quality heavy duty materials looks as though it will last well but time will tell overall seems to be a very good product

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absolutely fantastic tent!!!

This is such a great product and, at a great price too. So easy to pitch (do corners first), didn't leak even in horrendous French storms, doesn't sweat up, easy to pack after use too. Nice and dark. A bonus is that's is lovely and long with good height too. Thoroughly recommend!!!

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Not so good in the wind

Hi I purchased this tent and threw the summer was a great tent when there was no wind but as for when there’s strong winds the tent collapses in the middle left me in a pickle for the night but other than that not a bad tent

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Okay (just!)

Warm, comfy, and really is a black out tent. I’ve only had it go up once in about 10 journeys without fighting with the poles and sleeves!

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Superb Tent

Picked this up for a 10 day motorcycle tour of Scotland, to replace a tired Berghaus unit. With the weather late in the season, the ability to get set up so fast was a key point, plus the black out feature being a bonus. It really only takes a few seconds to set up and plenty of space for me and biking gear. The tent held up perfectly, no problems setting up or packing away, carry bag has plenty of room. Had a couple of very wet and windy nights on the trip and I was warm and dry, no leaks or draughts. The fabric feels stout, more so than the thin material so common now. Overall, I am very impressed and pleased with this tent, having had man over the years, this one is a winner. My only minor gripe is the bright white colour being the only choice .... Certainly not a stealth camping tent, would be great if they did an o.d. Green or camo version. I get the white will help on hot days, but a choice would be nice. Highly recommended though overall.

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Not quite 2 seconds.

The name isn't fully accurate,including opening the bag, erecting the tent and putting the finishing legs in, I timed this at 58 seconds, but it was my first. With practice I expect to erect this in about 38 seconds,although that would be a strange name for a tent. The tent is as easy to take down and pack away as it is to put up. Inside it's very dark and restful without getting too warm in the sun. Having carried this for 5 miles (8 km) across very rough terrain I found putting my rucksack down was the best thing about this. It is heavy but great for kids, pack a glowstick to give some ambient light at night. The inside is very well laid out and the porches easily hold a rucksack and paid of boots.

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Great little tent

I purchased this as a replacement for an older tent that looked it it might not survive rough weather. Initially it was for a 9 day motorbike touring trip to Scotland and wanted something that was quick and easy to pitch should the weather not be so great. I have to say that it performed perfectly and you really can have it pegged down very quickly. The blackout material works a treat and is ideal when you're in a part of the world where it doesn't get dark until very late and is light again very early - why has no one thought about this before? Since that initial trip I've used the tent several times taking it by motorbike and car and definitely recommend it. Some reviews suggest it's heavy, but I think that's subjective and doesn't seem heavier then any other tent of its size and build to me. If I try to find a downside it would be the size of the storage area between the inner and outer sheets could do with being a little larger and I can't get it to pack up quite so neatly as when I first opened it. But I'm really nit picking here - it's a great product. I would also recommend getting the matching tarp to do with it.

Mr Mohamed

Lovely produits

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Absolutely amazing. Goes up and down in seconds and have every feature down to the last detail added to it. Stood up to some strong Welsh wind and rain and feels spacious for a two man as it has the double entrances with boot and bag areas

Only to be used during hot weather

Easy to install but has a few drawbacks; 1. The ends for head and foot are not covered completely and leaves a big space for the wind to come in. 2. A slight shower will go through the material within 6 hours. 3. Is quite heavy compared with other tents. Definitely not a tent to use in Spring, Autumn or Winter as there is a big gap between the ground and roof at the ends and is losing heat.


All good

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Hello David,

Thank you for taking the time to post your review.

Have a good day,

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Additional Product informations


Main fabric

  • 100% Polyester


  • 50% Polyoxymethylene
  • 50% Glass - Fiber

Why does greige help to reduce the environmental impact?

Greige means that the fabric is not dyed and is in its raw colour state. Given the significant environmental impact of dyeing, we chose to use this process on part of the flysheet of the tent.

Our commitment to consume less water with this product

Textile dyeing requires a lot of water but also produces waste water from the dye baths. To reduce our environmental impact, we chose to use the Dope Dyeing process in which the colour pigments are added during the production of the yarn itself. We chose to use this process on part of the flysheet and the bedroom of this tent.

Pitching and striking the tent

Take advantage of the EASY technology and its push button to pitch your tent in 1 minute.Thanks to its free-standing structure, the tent can be moved to the required location after it has been deployed. Instant foldaway: once the tent is no longer under tension, you just need to fold it away in its bag.

The fresh & black technology keeps the inside of your tent cooler and darker

Cooler and darker for better sleep!Fresh & Black is a technology patented by Decathlon that allows us to reflect the sun's rays and insulate from the light thanks to specific materials.This reduces the sensation of heat in the tent and makes it darker.To get the most out of this technology, don't forget to ventilate your tent at night!

Mattress compatibility

Recommended tent with a self-inflating mattress or trekking mattress up to 70 cm wide.We do not recommend using inflatable mattresses, that are more than 8 cm thick, in this tent.Indeed, this greatly reduces the volume inside the tent and increases condensation inside.

Ventilation of the tent

2 side doors enable maximum ventilation when they are open. Breathable mesh bedroom with mechanical ventilation. So that air can flow and be replaced between the bedroom and the flysheet, and eliminate the natural condensation as much as possible, there is a space between the flysheet and the ground across the entire surface of the tent.

Waterproofing of the tent

All our tents are validated in the laboratory and in the field to guarantee the waterproofing.To do this, we put the entire tent under a 200 L/h shower for 3 hours.The flysheet is in 2000mm Schmerber PU-coated polyester, the groundsheet is in 5000mm Schmerber PU-coated polyester and all the seams are taped with heat-sealed strips.

Wind resistance

We test all our tents in a wind tunnel on a turntable to expose each side to the wind. A properly pitched tent with all the guy ropes properly positioned around the tent should remain habitable in wind speeds of up to 50 km/h measured near ground level (Force 6).

What does my product contain?

- 1 pre-assembled bedroom- 1 waterproof fly sheet- 12 tent pegs- 6 guy ropes- 1 cover

Warranty of your tent:

This camping tent was designed for occasional outdoor use (4 weeks per year) during your camping trips or in the countryside.Continuous exposure to UV light over a period of several weeks can damage its textile part.Our tents do not belong to the category of "garden furniture" and are not designed to be kept outdoors permanently.To maximise the lifetime of your tent, it's important to store it properly when it is not being used.5-year warranty.

Don't throw away, repair!

Our tents are great for camping at night.Over time, they age and some parts may wear out or break.To facilitate repairs, we keep a stock of parts (tent poles, flysheets, bedrooms, etc.) so that they can be easily replaced. Don't throw away, repair !

Product design: our expertise

Our Quechua global design centre is based in Passy, at the foot of Mont-Blanc in Haute Savoie.This location is a place where our teams (designers, product managers, engineers, etc.) can meet with outdoor sports enthusiasts.A significant advantage for designing high-quality products and giving you access to all our expertise.

Where do our tents come from?

Created in our international design centre at the foot of the Mont Blanc in France, this tent is then manufactured and assembled by our suppliers in China, Vietnam and Bangladesh.These are partners that have genuine expertise in making our tents and with whom we are in close collaboration.Thanks to this relationship of trust with our industrial partners, we can create high-quality technical products.

Working conditions in our production workshops

We guarantee that our suppliers comply with our code of conduct. These suppliers are often located in developing countries where our presence helps to create jobs.By conducting audits and having teams on site, we make sure that the working environment of the employees meets certain quality standards in terms of human respect, personal fulfilment and environmental protection.

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