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700x35-45 Self-Sealing Bike Inner Tube - Schrader

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This inner tube allows you to continue cycling when a conventional inner tube would have gone flat.

700 self-repairing inner tube. The preventative liquid inside the inner tube instantly repairs punctures.

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Sale price: QAR 39.00 QAR 39.00

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Product Features

A photo of the 700x35-45 Self-Sealing Bike Inner Tube - Schrader in use


700x35 to 700x45 tyres and 700c (28") wheels. ETRTO 35/45 - 622

Puncture resistance

The liquid in the inner tube seals small punctures (< 3mm).


Optimised composition to ensure your inner tube has a good seal.

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708 reviews

700x35-45 Self-Sealing Bike Inner Tube - Schrader
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Puncture proof inner tube

No problem fitting, not had a puncture yet so must be good bike used every day on average 20miles.

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Very good tube

Very good tube

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Some tubes have faulty valves

Bought 4 of these to replace the traditional inner tubes on 2 (Riverside 500) bikes. Have only fitted them so far and not ridden yet so can't say how well the self-seal works. However, while 3 of them went on fine, one went flat very quickly. On investigation we found that the inflation valve was faulty and not sealing resulting in a leak. Obviously this means that the bike cannot now be ridden until I get another tube..... (the irony is that this is the situation I was trying to prevent by getting self-sealing tubes!) (This issue has also been raised with Decathlon customer services, with video, and a response is awaited)

Seem fine but have not been tested.

Can't really comment untill I can see that they work in practice. Could stick a nail in them I suppose, but not going to do that. Time will tell.

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Did its job today after I sustained a puncture!

Riding to work this morning, when I suddenly heard a loud hissing sound coming from my back wheel! A few moments later though, and a fountain of orange goo shot out of the new hole in my rear wheel and sealed the hole shut. Whilst my tyre pressure was probably only a third of what it should have been, it was enough for me to slowly continue my ride to work, rather than have to stop and patch it at the roadside and thereby making me late. Did its advertised function, I can't complain more than that!

Tube exploded when inflated

Similar to previous post on here my tube exploded when inflated. If there is a max psi for this tube other than the tire itself it should be highlighted at purchase. Would not recommend.

Faulty Valves

I bought 3 of these tubes online and two of the 3 Schrader valves wouldn't seal. As i need the bike for work i've had to buy new schrader valves off amazon to get them to seal. So £18.00 for the tubes and another £10 for the repair kit. As a result my confidence in this product is not good at all now.


This product should be recalled as it's potentially lethal! Not long after fitting one of these to my rims the thing simply exploded splattering my wall and ceiling with this disgusting slime. Luckily for me I'd just attached the wheel to my bike, had I'd been in the process of doing this when it exploded I probably would have been blinded as the liquid went metres away from the tyre. AVOID AT ALL COST!!!

Thank you for posting a review of this inner tube.
I am aware that the store is discussing the matter directly with you.
At this early stage it's difficult to explain why this happened. All batches are tested at pressure for up to 8 hours as part of the production process to be sure that they conform to our QC. Our product teams monitor customer reviews on a daily as well as customer return rates to be sure there are no alerts.
Rest assured that we take such comments very seriously.
Peter, Cycling Manager, DECATHLON


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punctures still frequent

I am a big fan of "green slime" puncture resist inner tubes, but my son seems to be having frequent punctures with these supposedly "auto repair" inner tubes, 1 today on our drive and one very recently on the high peak trail. Not sure how other people have got on with them. we are going to buy puncture resist tyres.

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I'm sorry to read that you are not satisfied with these innertubes. They are designed to be resistant to small punctures from thorns for example and the trick is to keep cycling when you feel a flat coming on and to maintaining correct tyre pressure for the rider's weight before each ride. You are correct in saying that the first barrier to reduce the risk of punctures is the tyre which in reality is the most important element of the two to keep the dreaded puncture fairy at bay.
Peter Lazarus, National Cycling Manager, DECATHLON

Does exactly what it says on the tin

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self-sealing inner tube

bought this tube about 3 weeks ago and have not had a single pumpture yet, also had the tires replaced whilst i was at it. its a great bargin and was fitted on my bike whilst i was in the shop.

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Self Healing Inner tube

its been 2-3 months and ive had no problems up to now and have been cycling over all kinds of surfaces

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Failed before I even got it on the bike

Firstly I wanted to say that I love Decathlon and every product I have ever bought has been faultless....this inner tube is the exception. I am pretty adept at changing tyres and inner tubes as my son races both road and cyclocross and I only have one set of wheels. A friend asked me to sort their bike and one of the first things needed was a new set of inner tubes. They had been specific that they wanted some puncture resistant ones, so being a fan of Decathlon I bought these. Went on faultlessly and we're quickly inflated to pressure. When I was preparing to fit to the bike there was a very loud bang. Orange fluid was oozing out. It had failed along the seam near the valve. Having read some other reviews it seems this has happened to others on differing widths.

Hello Lee,

Sorry to hear that your tube exploded after fitting, I would lack to hope that this was a 1 off with your tube. Feel free to return to your local store for an exchange/refund with proof of purchase.

Rob Basnett b'Twin Product Expert DECATHLON
Awesome working products

Bought a new bike but had cheap tyres which kept getting punchers Purchase the right inner tube and not had any issues with them They did come with the slim in which helped

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Additional Product informations

How to choose your inner tube

Check the information indicated on the sidewall of the tyre (diameter and width). For example, 700 x 35 means your tyre is 700mm in diameter and 35mm wide.On the sidewall, you will also find the dimensions in mm in international ETRTO measurements.For example: 35-622 means your tyre is 35mm wide with an inner diameter of 700mm (so 700 x 35)

Removing an inner tube

Remove the old inner tube using B'Twin tyre levers.

What to check before installing your new inner tube

Check the condition of your tyre and replace it if necessary.Make sure no objects are lodged in the tyre.Check the condition of your tyre rim strip. A rim strip that is even slightly bent can cause punctures.Check that your rim does not have any other issues that could damage your inner tube.

Fitting your inner tube

Watch our video before you start.Pre-inflate the inner tube slightly to avoid pinching.Insert the valve, making sure you are using the correct valve for your rim.Put the inner tube entirely inside the tyre so that it fits inside the rim.Take care not to pinch the inner tube when fitting.

Mounting the tyre

Start mounting the tyre at the valve.Finish mounting the tyre opposite the valve to avoid pinching the inner tube.Never mount your tyre with a tool or a tyre lever, as you risk pinching and puncturing the inner tube.

Inflating the tyre

Inflate your tyre carefully, to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer (visible on the tyre sidewall in PSI or bars, 1 bar = 14.51 PSI).Regularly check that your tyre is in the correct position as you inflate it.

Tip from the pros

To prevent any puncture from pinching and to achieve the best performance, we recommend checking and, if necessary, pumping up your front tyre before each ride.



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