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Smart Rowing Machine 500

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Our designers developed this 500 rowing machine for your at-home cardio workouts. Use up to 4 times a week.

Want to burn calories and improve your physical fitness? The 500 rowing machine is perfect for exercising thanks to its 9 training programs and Econnected compatible console.

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Sale price: QAR 2.559,00 QAR 2.559,00

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Product Features

A photo of the Smart Rowing Machine 500 in use

Smooth pedalling

7kg flywheel


7 functions, 9 programmesTrack your stats with Domyos E-Connected

User comfort

Comfortable, rolling seat.Comfortable, anti-perspirant handle

Ease of handling

Wheels at the front for easy moving.

Compact design

Foldable to save space when stored

Assembly time

30 minutes

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Smart Rowing Machine 500
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Good resistance but manual mode is best as the ones pre set are very basic. And no chance of changing them. Heart rate monitor is useless and uncomfortable and moves loads when rowing.

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Trial of the Domyos 500

I haven’t bought it so I cannot say anything about long term usage but because of so many negative reviews I felt I had to say something. These reviews have put me off from purchasing the rower but I still felt I I wanted to go to a store and try this rowing machine out for myself and to check if a magnetic rower would be any good. I need a quieter machine for sleeping kids in a two bedroom flat. I had a good go at this rower in the Surrey Quays London store. The people that say there is slack in the cord when pulling are correct BUT only for the lower settings when it’s meant to be an easier stroke. Fair enough, it is too slack at the beginning of the stroke but when you reach the higher settings, there is a really strong resistance. At the maximum setting of 15, this machine offers really great resistance. I am still deciding between a JTX Freedom rower and this machine. I expect the JTX to be noisier using air resistance so if I get it, I am probably relegated to the garden! I can’t say anything about the distance accuracy others have mentioned but don’t think you won’t get a decent workout from this machine, I was impressed. I am not a particularly strong rower but very active with daily cycling, football, running, racquet sports. I am sure I would get a very good workout from this machine. 400 pounds, compact design means it’s better at folding up in my small flat.

Foot peddle snapped less than three hours of use.

I bought a few months back, but have only just incorporated it into my workouts, usually as a 20 minute warm up. Sadly, after three weeks of using it for around 40-60 minutes, the footplate has snapped in two. Additionally, there is a large amount of free pull on the cord before the resistance comes in - sometimes this causes the rowing handle to snap which can put pressure on the wrist causing pain.

Foot pedal breaks

The foot pedal broke off as the screws have nothing to fix to - their only purpose is to go through the screw holes, there is nothing for it to tighten against. I have just bought a replacement foot pedal and after one use I see the break is about to happen again.

it could be done good-easy

owerall machine looks and feel nice and sturdy... to short for hands and first 15-20 cm without resistance... 8 programs /not 9 because 2 are indentical... counter not accurate but mistake under 5 %.... but computer is unusable.... newer mind kilometers or miles 20 strokes for 0,1km or 01mile is too much and it cant be the same... 500m split way of the mark because it depends on stpm and it does not fit with my previous experiance ( amateur rower ) or any data sheet ... 130 kcal to much for 30 min exercise.... and computer could be programmable/customazed or made for update/correction but it is not. sorry for my bad english

Good machine

Its strudy, good built, Im 192 and 110lg and all works perfectly. But, i have to say, machine is not calculating good. It says one day, I do 3:40min on 500m at 12, then next day on concept 2 i get 2:35 at roughly same difficulty. Also their 3km i am unable to get below 18m, while on real rowing my best is 7:11 for 3Km. So maybe some software update for this? It seems like machine is stuck in one calculation no matter what difficulty wheel is turning... Thats nkt logical, and I cannot predict if I am improving or getting worse. Also, dont trust heart beat sensor that comes with it. Recommended for beginners

Rowing Machine 500

Brilliant, easy to assemble, nice and sturdy, great value.

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Excellent Build, Poor rowing experience

The rowing machine arrived in good condition and the delivery team did a good job with communication. The build quality is excellent for the price and feels really sturdy. The rowing machine was easy to assemble and they provide all the tools required, it will take about 30 minutes to put together. The rowing machine has a European plug, they did provide an adapter but it was for the wrong plug type so had to use a travel plug i had spare. So why 2 stars you ask, well there are some real issues with the design and they only come to light once you use it. The rowing machine as a clear dead spot were there is no resistance in the first 10 - 15 inches of the initial pull if not more, this means that only your arms get a workout on the last 1/3rd of the row. This also causes you to jolt when doing the full range of motion because you expect resistance through the whole stroke. There is also a design issue were the machines housing is too forward and you hit this when at the beginning of the stroke, i'm only 5:8 Can i recommend this product: No This is a real shame as the build quality and features are so good, i will be returning this product.

DOMYOS rowing machine

Excellent build quality -clear display -quiet when in use and compact if you’re short of space.

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A good rower?

I should start by saying that I had absolutely no previous experience of rowing machines prior to buying this, other than a couple of minutes sat on it in store. With this in mind, here are my observations after a few weeks of use. As mentioned by another reviewer, there is almost no resistance for the first 8-12 inches of pull once the flywheel is moving, which means it feels like my legs are barely getting worked at all (I'm 5'7"). However smoothly I try to row, the strokes-per-minute oscillates wildly, from second to second, between slightly over what I'm doing (measured with a metronome) and a little less than half. The session average shown on the e-connected app is usually about right, but it does make it hard to monitor during your session. There is nothing in the manual about how to use the heart monitor. I know it should be fairly self-explanatory but it would be nice to have a few lines about how to position it and that it needs moistening (mentioned in the product details on this page - maybe that's why it only seems to kick in once I get a bit of a sweat on). Other than that it seems to be reasonable enough but as I said, I have nothing to compare it with. I went with this as my first rowing machine because all the previous Decathlon branded gear I have bought has been great, and this is one up from the cheapest option, so I expected it to be decent.

Great rower but why an EU plug?

Great rower, easy to assemble and very solid. Perfect for someone looking to row 3-4 times a week - anything more than this you'd be best off going for a Concept 2. Only downside is that an EU plug is supplied to plug the screen in and not a UK one. I realise this is a French product but surely any product being sold in the UK should have a UK plug? So I've had to use a travel adaptor to plug it in which was an extra expense but I was eager to use the rower and didn't want to wait. Happy with rowet overall though

No consistent resistance

The initial pull has very little resistance when you push with your legs. Only once halfway out you feel it which is when you then pull with your arms. I feel this means it's not giving the most balanced workout compared to the concept 2 rowers. The screen doesn't show enough info easily without a phone being attached.

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Reach a problem- long enough for legs but not arms

Hi All, I used to do some club rowing in my twenties and i definitely was my fittest then so thought I'd try out a at home rowing machine. I am used to concept 2 and I'm 175cm so about 5ft 8 inch. When i got the Domyos 500 I found that the seat length was long enough, the seat didn't go all the way back and my legs were straight but... at the front of my stroke 'reach' then at the 'catch' (i.e. the handle is back in the start position) my legs weren't bent, they were still a bit straight and I wasn't finished with the stroke! Basically it felt like i was doing 3/4 of a rowing stroke but not the end bit. This impacted then the ability to properly row and get a good workout. As it sort of stopped me in my tracks I took the rowing machine back. The concept 2 wheel and handle is angled away from the rower, this one is not far from you. I'd say if you're used to a concept 2 this isn't going to work for you. But if you're short and have short arms you're okay.


Thanks to take the time giving us your opinion on  FRW 500 . I'm sorry to hear about your experience eith that rower but your feedback is very valuable. I will send it immediately to our product manager in order to investigate further what you experienced and see if we can improve the product as soon as possible

Thanks again 

Kind regards


Excellent rowing machine

The Domyos 500 is well designed, it looks stylish and is a sturdy build with good quality materials. The digital display is the best I've seen (blue led on black background) far better than the standard small LCD screens most other similarly priced models come with. The included bluetooth chest strap and free app are an added bonus and actually work really well. The rail also folds up for convenient storage. Very happy with my choice.

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Awesome machine

Awesome machine, easy enough to fit together. Great app for android. Seat seams a bit too noisy unfortunately, delivery took an extra week despite no communication from anyone regarding this.

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Additional Product informations



  • 100% Steel

Protection cover

  • 100% Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Sliding bar

  • 100% Aluminium

Why use a rowing machine?

Rowing is an effective full-body activityIt combines:- cardiovascular work to support your heart and improve endurance.- toning and strengthening movements for muscles over your entire body. It works the shoulders, arms, back and abs as well as the thighs and the calves.Rowing is the perfect complement to your favourite sport to keep you in shape and push your limits!

Flywheel weight

The heavier the flywheel, the smoother and more pleasant the rowing motion.The rowing machine works through a motorised resistance for greater precision between the different levels of difficulty, the product must thus be plugged into a mains socket to work.

The console and its display

To guide you through your workouts, the console on the Domyos 500 rowing machine includes 7 functions:1. Stroke rate (count/min)2. Distance covered (km or miles)3. Calorie expenditure (Kcal)4. Workout time (MM:ss)5. Number of strokes (count)6. 500m splits (MM:ss)7. Heart rate with colour indicator (with the included heart rate monitor belt)

The console and its programmes

The Domyos 500 rowing machine has 9 programs developed in cooperation with our coaches to help you with your training and vary your workouts.In addition, the built-in tablet holder makes your workouts more fun and can get you on the rowing machine every day.

A connected rowing machine

Get motivated, reach your goals, or just have fun by connecting your device to the compatible apps Econnected or Kinomap.With E-connected, you can set a weekly time, distance, or calorie goal: your performance is recorded and you can track your stats.With Kinomap, travel over real scenery in total synchronisation with your device. At your own pace or in challenge mode, alone or with the Kinomap community, you can get a truly unique experience.

Tracking your heart rate

Your Domyos 500 rowing machine comes with a heart-rate monitor belt. This is the most reliable way to measure your heart rate. Moisten the sensors on the belt before positioning it just below the chest. Adjust it to fit. After a few seconds, your heart rate will appear on the screen of your console.

Tips for folding your rowing machine

Your rowing machine folds and unfolds with a single movement thanks to its simple, ingenious locking system!

Easy to move

Front wheels to move it and level compensators at the back.

Tips for more comfort

To optimise your comfort, we recommend placing your rowing machine on a Domyos training mat. This mat helps to:- optimise the stability of the product when in use,- reduce vibrations and noise, and- protect your floor.

Product/box weight and size

Product dimensions: 198.3 x 89.5 x 66.3 cmDimensions when folded: 80 x 60 x 145 cmBox dimensions: 124.5 x 74 x 32.5 cmProduct weight: 37 kgBox dimensions: 40 kg

Maintenance and repairs

2 years on parts and labour5 years on metal partsYou can find all our tips for maintaining and repairing your product under OUR SERVICES, at the bottom of this product file.

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