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Our design teams have developed these swimming goggle set for advanced swimmers looking for high performance during training as when competing.

Tired of having only one size nose bridge? Thanks to the adjustable nose bridge and the elastic, these goggles provide good stability and perfect waterproofing.

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Sale price: QAR 39,00 QAR 39,00

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Product Features


Field of vision

Reduced field of vision, <100°.


Feel the stability thanks to the lenses’ compactness


Put them on and adjust the swimming goggles to your face


Swim with fog-free goggles – these swimming goggles have an anti-fog treatment.

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Great Google’s!

These are so perfect I want buy tons of them just in case they stop being made. Fit amazing, don’t leak, from a fast swimmer.

Fake news

I travelled 5 miles to get to the nearest store and turns out that the website was incorrect and that there were none in the store.Two hours wasted because someone was too lazy to update the website. Don't recommend

Dear Tom,

Thank you for your recente feedback. We are sorry to hear that you faced such a situation. Please could you contact me on provided email to exchange details. We will make sure that the stock is corrected in the store and this action in up and running across all departments. We have regular stock checks done in each of our sites and in the logistic centre as well. With the RFID system we are doing it more often than before.

In terms of the missing Swedish goggles, we have plenty of stock in our warehouse and we can propose you the online service. Please just contact us to confirm your delivery details.

Once again apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Kind regards,

Kornel - Water Sports Commercial Leader

Perfect fit

These are light and great they are so cool

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waste of money

I would be surprised if anyone can be comfortable swimming with this goggles.

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I don't usually review goggles, but I had to review these. If you are a person that likes a small socket goggle please give these a try. They are strikingly similar to the original swedish malmsten goggle but BETTER. I've spent way to much money on expensive goggles trying to find ones like these. The added rubber around the outside improves on the classic swedish goggle making them more watertight. The selection of straps, ties and nosepieces is awesome. They come in a package that can be used as a case. The durability and price can't be beat. If anyone at decathlon reads these PLEASE KEEP MAKING THESE.. I keep sending people from my swim team to buy them. I'm keeping my fingers crossed they might come out with different lens colors too.

Hello Genevieve,

Thank you for much for taking the time to leave a review on the Swedish Swimming Goggles 900.

We are glad you found the perfect goggles for your practice. Rest assure that all reviews are read by our product's team to make sure the product is satisfying, and bring improvement if needed. At the moment, there is not sign for this product to be discontinue. 😉

See you at the pool ! 🏊‍♀️

Marie 🚲

Décathlon Canada


It's a great product! Easy to assemble and amazing vision when you use them!

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הכי פשוט והכי טוב

שוחה איתם שמים. ניסיתי משוכללים יותר אבל אין מתחרים לנוחות. היות ויושבים בואקום אין צורך למשוך הרצועה חזק.

Great introductory Swedish goggles

This is my first Swedish goggles coming from comfortable silicon-lined eye socket TYR ones and I must say the comfort difference was not that bad! I got over it after two or three swim sessions :) I enjoyed my sprint and long slow swims with these and they are still holding up. I have tried it in both pool and open water and I don't have any regrets. A request: please add more mirror, UV protection options in newer models!

Swedish goggles

I’ll start by saying our family uses these for competitive swimming. Bought the older version of these. Great that it’s FINA approved. Great product for the price but the inner anti fog surface was too easily damaged. Especially by kids who can’t stop touching the inside. Once the inside surface is damaged they become unusable. Hopefully the newer version doesn’t have the same issues. Otherwise it would definitely be 5 stars and highly recommended as affordable competitive goggles.

Hi Eric,

Thank you for taking the time to provide a feedback for our Swedish Goggles!

I am sorry to hear that our product does not match up to your expectations. 

Unfortunately, our series of Swedish goggles and the anti-fog treatment will still remain the same for now. However, do look forward to the coming years ahead as we are experimenting with a new anti-fog treatment which is not affected when users rub the inside of the lenses.

For the time being, if your goggles' anti-fog treatment has worn off, you may choose to get the anti-fog marker which reactivates the anti-fog treatment on the lens. It can be found on our website here.

Once again, thank you for your feedback and hope to see you again at Decathlon!


Swimming Sports Leader
Decathlon Singapore
Swimming shorts

Cheap and good

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase
Hey John!!

Thank you very much for your review on our "swimming shorts". It seems that the title you've put is wrong, as the product is actually the (8547676) - 900 Swedish Swimming Goggles - Black Blue, Clear Lenses. But nevertheless, I am still thankful of your review on our products!

Yes, this goggle is cheap and good! Costing only just $15, its a very customisable pair of goggles, designed by Fabien Gilot, an Olympic champion and technical partner of Nabaiji, the swimming brand of Decathlon. The 900 Swedish Swimming Goggles is also FINA approved. It is perfect for beginners who are keen in competing or trainings as they provide total stability and watertightness thanks to the ability to customise adjustments.

Fun fact, all the goggles designed, made, and sold by Decathlon is actually coated with a layer of anti-fog treatment on the inner surface of the lenses. It allows the users of our goggles have prolonged durations of swims for up to 2 hours. If you require or want to swim a little while longer, take a look at our anti-fogging marker, here. By applying the anti-fog marker to your swimming goggles, it allows you to swim without fog again and keep your favourite swimming goggles. It's effectiveness lasts for up to 1 to 3 hours between each application.

Thank you once again for your review, John. And thank you for having Decathlon along with you on your swims! :)

Stay healthy, by being sporty!
Syahmi Jalil | Sports Advisor @ Decathlon Singapore Lab

ขอบยางทำให้กระชับและสบายตากว่าชนิด swedish แบบดั้งเดิม ซื้อมาสี่อันแล้ว(กันแดด, ซ้อม, แข่ง และสำรอง) ยังใช้ได้ดีทุกอัน สายและ nose bridge สีสวยดี น้ำหนักเบามากและทัศนวิสัยกว้าง เวลาแข่งจะใช้แต่แบบนี้ เพราะทรงแว่นราบไปกับตามากที่สุด พุ่งลงน้ำแล้วแว่นหลุดยาก

สวัสดีค่ะ คุณ T

ขอบคุณสำหรับรีวิวมากๆนะคะ เราดีใจที่แว่นตาว่ายน้ำของเราไม่ทำให้ลูกค้าผิดหวัง โชคดีกับการแข่งขันครั้งต่อๆไปนะคะ สู้ๆค่ะ ^^


Cannot figure out the nose bridge

I cannot figure out how to install the nose bridge. It doesn't look like the pictures at all. There are two elastic strings but they disintegrate as soon as I touch them. There are two cotton strings but it seems like it won't last in the water. It's already coming apart when I'm trying to figure it out. No instructions at all.


You can see

How to assemble your swedish goggle this link

Thanks you.

Mameaw sport leader swimming

Great value

These work well and have held up well

Lựa chọn tốt

Lựa chọn khá tốt cho người bơi có kinh nghiệm. Có thể tùy chỉnh các bộ phận theo ý thích và khuôn mặt của bản thân. Nhẹ và ít gây cản nước.

очила за плуване


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Благодарим Ви, за отделеното време да споделите обратната си връзка за нашия продукт!

Като спортна компания, която се стреми да направи спорта достъпен за всеки, нашата цел е винаги да предоставяме качествени и функционални продукти.

Спортни поздрави,

Екипът на Декатлон Българи!

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Additional Product informations



  • 10% Styrene Ethylene Butadiene Styrene
  • 90% Polycarbonate


  • 100% Silicon


The appearance of fogging depends on several factors, the difference in temperature between the body and the water, humidity levels, etc.Wear due to friction is one of the main causes.If your goggles fog up, dip your lenses in the water and a protective film will reform.After a certain amount of time, it is normal for the performance of the anti-fog coating to be diminished.We provide an anti-fog marker that reactivates an ageing anti-fog treatment and makes your goggles last longer.

Choice of size

The watertightness of the swimming goggles is dependent on the proper fit of the seal with the shape of your face.THIS MODEL IS AVAILABLE IN ONE SIZE ONLY AS IT IS TOTALLY CUSTOMISABLE TO YOUR FACE.PLEASE NOTE: this product is sold as a self-assembly kit.This video presents a way of assembling them:

How to adjust your goggles

These swimming goggles fit the morphology of your face without needing to be over-tightened.Goggles that are too tight can cause discomfort, leave marks and even create water inlet holes.It is not necessary to press against the lenses with your hands, a light suction effect is usually enough for swimming sessions without water inlet holes.The straps ideally should rest 2-3 cm above your ears.This position will optimise the grip and comfort of the goggles.

Care - precautions

We recommend:- rinsing your goggles (only if necessary) by simply dipping them in water- avoiding directing powerful jets of water at the inner surface of the lenses.- storing the goggles in their case after each session to prevent damage to the lenses (on the inner surface as there is an anti-fog coating and on the outer surface to prevent scratches)- not exposing them to temperatures of over 60°CDO NOT TOUCH / RUB THE INSIDE OF YOUR LENSES

Tpr overmoulding

The lenses are covered with a fine layer of TPR to guarantee better comfort, grip and full watertightness.

Lens tint

The colour of your goggles should be suited to your swimming location and its lighting.If you swim outdoors or in a brightly lit swimming pool, choose smoke lenses for greater comfort and to reduce glare.If, however, the pool is quite dark with low lighting, winter evenings for example, use clear lenses.The Swedish swimming goggles are available in different lens tints.

Uv protection

Complies with standard: Q/BT 4734 - 2014, all Nabaiji swimming goggles protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays when used normally, regardless of the lens tint.Looking directly at the sun is dangerous and can lead to irreversible eye damage.

Fina approved

NABAIJI Swedish swimming goggles are training and racing goggles approved by FINA (International Swimming Federation).They were worn by Fabien Gilot during his victory at the Berlin 2014 European Championships and the 2015 World Championships in Kazan.

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