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TA 930 Spin Monofilament Pentagonal 1.25 mm Gauge Tennis String - Black

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Our designers created this string for advanced tennis players who break strings in under 10 hours of play and are looking for good spin and durability.

This polyester tennis string designed for advanced players provides excellent spin thanks to its pentagonal profile.

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Sale price: QAR 55.00 QAR 55.00

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Product Features

A photo of the TA 930 Spin Monofilament Pentagonal 1.25 mm Gauge Tennis String - Black in use


Pentagonal profile for better spin.


a supple polyester material gives the ball increased speed.

Abrasion resistance

its 1.25 mm gauge provides a longevity of 10h for advanced players.

Directional control

polyester material gives you more control of the ball.

Durable string tension

Maintains correct stringing tension for up to 3 months of use.

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TA 930 Spin Monofilament Pentagonal 1.25 mm Gauge Tennis String - Black
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Prices are good

Good choice

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Provides excellent spin n control over our shots which I personally feel comparable to RPM Blast.. I am a long time user of RPM Blast (7 years min) but this TA930 Spin surprised me alot n I strung it with 50lbs n enjoy every strokes.

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Greetings Mr Nelson,

Thank you for your support and rating our product 5/5!

We are thrilled to know that you are enjoying our product.

See you again soon!


Got yesterday - Strunged today. Played continuous Intense 3 hours. Great String Impacts considerable amount of spin. Most of the reviews say it get broken too soon, Well in description it clearly says don't string it more than 48.5 LBS. So if you Push the limits you are gonna regret. Go ahead have have some confidence Strung it below 48.5 and enjoy the game.

Thank you for your feedback.

Soon one third of our stores will offer stringing service

in India.

Best regards.



Good polyester string, very similar in performance to those made by the usual brands but around 30-40% cheaper. It maintains the tension relatively well, until shortly before breaking (in my case at the moment it lasts longer than the time indicated on its file). Good string for spinning

Thank you.

Let s enjoy tennis with Decathlon.

We have also good deals for tennis balls.


Best regards.


Being a little thicker, it lasts longer. Very good

Being a little thicker, it lasts longer. Very good

Broken In 5th Game

I purchased the racket and net came along with racket was good. Changed the net at the store and it broke in 7th game. This net was claimed to be superior quality but it has turned out to be poorest.

Good evening

Thank you for your help.

It can be a lack of chance and also an issue with stringing tension.

You can get a refund and request another string as part of our

commercial policy.

And do not forget to study our special online bi packs offers online.

Best regards.


Excellent Quality Tennis Racquet Strings

Best at Decathlon

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Decent string

Decent string

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follow the string tension

Unfortunately the stringer recommended my racket tension which is 58lbs instead of 48lbs which is what the string packaging recommends and what I ask for initially. I should stuck to my original instinct as it plays quite stiff compared to my previous type. The stringer also missed a grommet when stringing lol

Gran Calidad

Al ser un poco mas grueso, aguanta mas tiempo. Muy buenas calidad. AL ser de la marca Artengo no te cobran la mano de obra. Lo que no entiendo es que no puedan arreglar mas de 1 raqueta al día.

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Gran relación calidad/precio

Buen cordaje de poliéster, muy similar en prestaciones a los que fabrican las marcas habituales pero entorno a un 30-40% más barato. Mantiene relativamente bien la tensión, hasta poco antes de romperse (en mi caso de momento dura más del tiempo que indica en su ficha). Buen cordaje para jugar con efectos

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Gran cordaje y resistente.

Suelo jugar con bastante efecto (spin) y este cordaje me ha sorprendido por su calidad. Yo normalmente compraba el Luxilon LXN Smart que es muy bueno, pero el doble de caro, y después de compararlo poniendo un cordaje de cada tipo a mis raquetas, apenas pude encontrar diferencia. Además el TA930 es mucho más resistente que el Luxilon. Eso también lo he notado porque entreno con una maquina lanzapelotas que las devuelve con mucho efecto, y hace que los cordajes se rompan antes. Muy contento con la compra. El chico que trabaja en el departamento de raquetas del Decathlon de Los Barrios me ayudó a elegir y la verdad es que acertó plenamente. Super amable y siempre con ganas de ayudar.

Precio/calidad adeciada

Buena relación precio calidad

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Producto bueno

Es un cordaje bastante bueno

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Me dieron consejo sobre los kilos a poner, buen cordaje pagando el artículo solamente.

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Additional Product informations


Racket string

  • 100% Polyethylene Terephtalate

Which tension is best?

Moderate tension (18 kg to 23 kg) offers more comfort, spin and power. The flip side is that you'll have less control and accuracy.High tension (>23 kg) provides greater control and accuracy. It can, however, lead to tendinitis. You will also have less spin and power.

About monofilaments

For monofilament strings, Decathlon recommends a tension of between 19 kg and 22 kg. We strongly recommend against using monofilament strings for children under 15 to avoid injury. These strings are best for players who break strings in under 10 hours of play because they quickly lose their tension (20% loss within three hours of play).

About multifilaments

For multifilament strings, Decathlon recommends a maximum tension of 25 kg. These strings are recommended for people who are prone to tendinitis, youngsters, and people who don't break their strings often. Multifilament strings keep their tension very well and stay bouncy longer.

When should you change your strings?

Your racket's performance depends 50% on your frame and 50% on your strings! Be sure to take the time to choose the right strings.For players who break their strings a lot: change them as soon as they break.For people who rarely or never break strings, Decathlon recommends changing them as many times per year as you play per week. E.g.: if you play once per week, change your strings once per year. If you play three times per week, change your strings three times per year.

Tips from decathlon

High tensions should be avoided as your performance will be affected. A loosely strung racket will let you play a more relaxed game, giving you more power without having to force it. Over time strings can become worn without breaking. They lose their elasticity and initial properties. The gauge (or diameter) also affects play. The smaller the gauge, the more power and spin you'll get. The larger the gauge, the more durable the strings

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